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Make workplace case studies

Article published 2019Estimated reading time 1 minute

Workplace design has long been at the heart of what Make does best, starting with 55 Baker Street, a 52,000m2 central London development completed in 2008. The way we think about office buildings, and the people who use them, however, has continued to evolve over the last decade. Between 2015 and 2018 alone, we completed ten office schemes, all of which evidence our ever-adapting approach to creating world-class workplaces.

Here we look at four that embody considerations such as the importance of public realm and placemaking, reflecting a client’s values and business needs in the design, and responding to local context.


This article featured in Exchange Issue No. 1, which explores the future of the workplace sector with architectural discussions, developer interviews, industry expert essays, design case studies and more.

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